Introduction to sliders

When creating a survey form, we may want to ask visitors how they feel about something, by using a sliding scale to indicate how they feel about things.

By making use of jQuery UI, we can provide some nice sliders for our forms.

This post is part of a series that guides you through creating robust sliders for your forms.

  1. Introduction to sliders (this post)
  2. Accessible slider alternative
  3. Basic requirements for sliders
  4. Connecting the slider to the form
  5. Scripting the slider regions
  6. Conclusion to Sliders

When we’re finished, this is how our form slider will look.

Slider form in use

To correctly make use of sliders can take some preparation, not only so that the slider value gets added to the form, but also to allow visitors without JavaScript to still be capable of using the form.

Before we get to the scripting part of things, we need to ensure that even when scripting is not available that the user can still use the form. This next part is about creating an accessible alternative for when scripting can not be used.

Next: An accessible slider alternative


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